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Dave Ostlund

  • Dave Ostlund Hot Weather Elite Tacky - 16 oz (500mL) Bulk Container

    Dave Ostlund Hot Weather Elite Tacky - 16 oz (500mL) Bulk Container



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    Product Description

    Extremely strong pine resin made for stone loading in the hottest weather. Hot Weather Elite Tacky is best used in temperatures above 85 degrees or when the heat index is above 85 degrees. This tacky will stick in the hottest and most humid conditions when normal tacky won't work. More experienced stone loaders may choose to use the Hot Weather blend in temperatures below 85 degrees (70F-85F) to stick to the stones even better but it will take some patience to get this thick blend on in temperatures below 85 degrees. This tacky is hand made in small batches by WSM competitor Dave Ostlund to ensure quality. Dave has made this blend of tacky for Brian Shaw in the past and Brian has tested it loading stones all over the world and in the hottest and most humid conditions possible. Most notably this tacky was used by Brian at WSM 2015 in Malaysia when the heat index was well over 100 degrees and it came through with flying colors.

    Elite Tacky has stood the test of time and is by far the most popular tacky used at Worlds Strongest Man every year. Brian Shaw has personally used Elite Tacky to set numerous stone world records over the years and it is the only tacky he trusts when a Worlds Strongest Man title is on the line.

    *Elite Tacky works amazing when combined with the Shaw Strength Stone Sleeves! This is the combination used by the three of the top 4 stone loaders at WSM 2015 and many other pro strongmen around the world!

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