Brian is the worlds strongest man.

Brian Shaw went undefeated in every strongman contest he entered in 2011 including both the Arnold Strongman Classic and
the World’s Strongest Man. He became the first man to win both of these coveted titles in the same year.

Currently Brian is in hard training getting ready to defend his Arnold Strongman Classic title at the beginning of March!

Stay tuned for more new training videos and updates as we get closer to the Arnold!

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Brian Shaw Wins 2013 World’s Strongest Man


MHP strongman Brian Shaw triumphed at the 2013 World’s Strongest Man in China, overcoming powerful competition to bring the WSM title back to the U.S.

Shaw won 5 of 6 events in his group and was the top athlete overall in two of them. When the finals kicked off on Thursday, he claimed 1st place early on in round one and never let go. When the finals concluded, he lead the field with 51 total points, which was 3 points higher than Zydrunas. In the six final events, he finished in 1st two times and no worse than 5th in the other four events. Shaw won the Yoke and Deadlift for Max strength events.